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Happy Birthday Grindr

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Grindr Team

Today we mark a milestone, Grindr turns 5. It’s been a long road and quite a trip, but in those 5 years we continued to grow and that’s largely in part to our users. We at Grindr want to thank you for making us the go-to app for finding gay men. Before Grindr, finding other gay men was a real challenge and we’re proud that we can provide the fastest and easiest way to meet a guy. In fact, our users have made millions of connections (and that number is only going up).

Since our inception in 2009, Grindr have taken the world by storm, experiencing explosive growth with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry users in 192 countries. To date, we have more than five million active monthly users on the app and their daily chat messages have topped 38+ million. Not to mention the number of Grindr photos sent has jumped to over 3.1 million a day, and we have  been downloaded more than 10 million times.

To celebrate our 5th birthday, we surveyed our massive user base to learn about the habits and trends among the guys that use the app. Users got personal and shared their meet-up history, favorite feature on a guy, and more. We took those survey results and made an infographic, take a look here.

And thanks again for helping make Grindr the app it is today.



The Grindr Best of 2013 Awards

Posted on December 9, 2013 by Grindr Team

Award season is officially underway! The votes have been counted and the many men of Grindr have made their voice heard in Grindr’s Best of 2013 poll. You have let us know who and what you view to be the best of the best is…so without further adieu, the winners are:

• Gay icon of the year: Neil Patrick Harris
• Straight ally of the year: Lady Gaga
• Best coming out story: Wentworth Miller
• Enemy of the LGBT community: Vladimir Putin
• Best song of 2013: “Same Love: by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
• Best movie of 2013: Gravity
• Best TV show on air: “Modern Family”
• Most wanted man in the Grindr cascade: Channing Tatum
• Best comeback of 2013: Netflix
• Social blunders: Miley Cyrus’ twerking
• Biggest loss of 2013: Cory Monteith
• Next celebrity to come out: Taylor Lautner
• Hottest gadget of 2014: iPad Air
• Next state/country to legalize gay marriage: Florida
• Next celebrity train wreck: Justin Bieber
• What will become obsolete: Facebook

Congratulations to all the winners and Channing Tatum…should you ever need that Xtra subscription…it’ll be on us.

Meet the New Grindr Guys

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Grindr Team


Who’s hot and ripped and toned all over? The new Grindr guys of course.

After 780 submissions, more than 2,500 votes and an intense battle of the abs, Matthew Stehlik of Orlando, FL and Eric Angelo of Hollywood, CA have been crowned the winners of the Grindr Model Contest.

We were looking for the best guys to represent the new Grindr and boy did we find them (just check out their pictures below).

Eric (on the left) is a Texas native who now calls Hollywood home. He’s gogo dancer who doesn’t believe in shirts or pants and in his free time enjoys collecting old books and reading science fiction. Matthew (on the right) hails from Orlando by way of Pittsburgh. Matthew is a bartender and has modeled for several years - we can see why.
These two lucky lads will be brought to Los Angeles for a three night stay that includes some serious pampering, a killer new wardrobe from Kent Denim and Maor Luz, a Grindr photo shoot and a coming out party. Keep a look out for these guys to be featured in our upcoming Grindr ads.

Want to see more of Eric and Matthew? Check out their social media pages here:

Eric: Youtube & Facebook

Matthew: Instagram & Facebook

Take a Stand on #SpiritDay

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Grindr Team

Have you ever seen a Pride flag before? Ya know, rainbow, often held at rallies, marches, or Pride parades. Yeah…that flag. Well did you know that each color means something?


They all mean something to everyone but let’s just focus on the last one: Spirit.

On October 17th, 2013 the GLTBQI community will celebrate the annual tradition of Spirit Day by wearing purple. It is a way for our community to take a stand against bullying. We will unite for the equality that we’ve earned and the equality still to come. We will come together for those who have stood up to bullying and remember those who sadly, could not. The history of the gay movement is rooted in the ability to find strength through spirit, as our spirit is also the momentum that propels us forward.

You can take part in the most simple of ways - on Thursday, October 17th, wear purple, change your Grindr profile photo purple, change your Grindr name to Spirit Day, and inspire others to do the same. See, it’s that easy.

You can alter your photo on websites such as,  or you can do it on your phone using GLAAD’s free Spirit Day app that you can download here for iOS users or here for Android users.

If you want take your Spirit Day enthusiasm to the next level, help us inspire others. Send us a snapshot of your purple Grindr profile and we might post it to our Facebook on October 17th!  Simply take a screen capture and email it to

There’s no one way to show pride or spirit but there is one way to be united. Let’s get the Spirit Day momentum started as we move closer to a future of great unity.

The new Grindr is here. A word from Grindr CEO and Founder Joel Simkhai

Posted on October 1, 2013 by Grindr Team

When Grindr was just a thought, I knew that if it took off, it would have a truly groundbreaking impact on the gay community. As the years have gone by, I have watched this idea grow and grow. With each milestone we hit, I always want to make sure Grindr is the best it can be, which is why I’m proud to share the new Grindr with the world. 

Rebuilt, made over, and loaded with tons of great features, the new Grindr is an app made with the Grindr guy in in mind.

The first thing you’ll see when you log on is a new clean-cut logo. You will also notice the fresh look of the cascade and a brand new experience – a bigger brighter cascade that moves the guys’ profiles around according to how you’re moving.

Also, your profile is now better than ever... In addition to an expanded character limit for both your “About Me” and “Display Name” sections, you will find the highly anticipated debut of our latest feature: Grindr Tribes!

Tribes allow you to identify as a member of a community or group that best describes you. So whether you’re a Bear, Clean-Cut, Daddy, Discreet, Geek, Jock, Leather, Otter, Poz, Rugged, Trans or Twink, there’s a Tribe for you. Choosing a Grindr Tribe has it’s benefits. The more fields you fill out about yourself the more likely you will match someone else’s search.

More filter options have been a long-time request from our users, so we’ve added multiple filter fields. On Grindr you now have the option to filter by ethnicity, body type, looking for, Grindr Tribes, age, height, and dating status.

When building the new Grindr, we took the user’s experience into consideration. I use the app same as you (most likely A LOT more), and I know what enhancements I’d personally want to better my experience. We implemented those along with requests from our users to bring you the #newgrindr.

All of this is only made possible by our incredibly talented Grindr Team. Their dedication, hard work, and genius is something that I am in awe of daily.  Thank you to each and every one of you.

We’re always working to improve Grindr for you and will continue to do so every day. Thank you for helping us get to this milestone. Now get on the new Grindr and explore all the new features, talk to you friends about it, and share on social media. 

View some useful tips for the new Grindr here

Download the new Grindr here


Don't forget to follow, like, tag, tweet, hashtag (#newgrindr), share, post, comment @Grindr:


Welcome to the new Grindr   - Joel